The Team

Jule Sommer

Jule is in her second year of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UCF, majoring in Governance. Within the major of Governance her interests lie particularly in the areas of human rights and development cooperation. Thus, she believes that this year’s topic of “The EU as a Global Player” will cultivate a sphere of discussion between motivated students and interesting speakers on the role the EU plays in the global humanitarian order. By fostering an interdisciplinary approach to this year’s topic, she specifically hopes to create a space that is welcoming to students and experts from various academic backgrounds. As head of the Global Order Project she oversees and manages the committee in cooperation with Thilo, the co-head.

Thilo Krechlak

Thilo is in his second year studying Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Freiburg, specialising in Governance. Thilo hopes to broaden his understanding of international matters with the Global Order Project. For the 2019/20 term, he is especially interested in international trade agreements and their role in the EU exerting global influence. Through GOP he aspires to discuss and work with others on finding interdisciplinary solutions to issues of global interest.

Zakaria Al Shmaly

Zakaria is a fourth year Governance student who spent his exchange year at the University of Southampton (UK). He has a background in humanitarian aid work in various countries in the Middle-East as well as experience in European Union humanitarian advocacy. His research interests are EU foreign policy in relation to humanitarian and development policy.

Jonas Skorzak

Jonas is a fourth-year Governance student who focuses on conflict and human rights. He interrupted his time with GOP to do the first half of his double degree at University College Maastricht and is now eager to contribute to the conference. Within GOP’s current topic, he hopes to critically study the EU’s role in promoting human rights, democracy, and peace and is, therefore, happy to see that topic at the conference.

Luna Mahler

Luna is in her second year of studies in the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme. She has joined the Global Order Project because the essential idea of creating dialogue between professionals and students on a topic of global importance intrigues her. Especially the intersectional aspect of this year's topic, Europe as a Global Player, provides the opportunity to explore different perspectives. Her interest in Artificial Intelligence and Cultural Heritage will both be integrated in the 2020 GOP conference, which she is very excited for.

Luna is the head of the logistics team.

Radu Diaconescu

Radu is a second year student of the Life Sciences major at University College Freiburg and has been involved with the Global Order Project since 2018. Within the GOP, he is primarily interested in Internet governance, and issues linked to innovation and sustainability. His main responsibilities include (re)architecting the GOP's website and behind-the-scenes research.

Caren Sausmikat

Caren is a Culture & History major in her second year of studying LAS. She is pleased to be part of the GOP, which enables her to explore the efforts of multinational coordination and international cooperation with this year’s focus on the “EU as a Global Player”. Being a strong supporter of the European idea and transnational social cohesion, she is particularly looking forward to investigating the topic of European identity/ies. Together with Clémence, Caren manages the GOP's Facebook page.

Andreas Schmidt

Andreas is a first year Liberal and Sciences student at UCF. He is looking forward to his first year at UCF and is interested in majoring in Governance. Moreover, he is interested in international politics and economics. Andreas has joined GOP to get a better understanding of international affairs and institutions. Additionally, he likes the concept of promoting the exchange between students and experts. He is jointly responsible for the finances of the committee.

Clémence Monville

Clémence Monville is an exchange student from France. She studied at Science Po Grenoble. She is interested in governance and with her participation in the GOP’s committee, and wants to understand how the EU is organized. Moreover, she wants to construct her own opinion about the EU’s engagements about topics that make the European news. Thus, this year’s topic of “The EU as a Global Player” will allow to highlight different points of view about the EU’s issues. By this way, an interdisciplinary approach can help to understand the complexity of the EU’s functioning and its challenges. She manages the GOP’s Facebook page in collaboration with Caren. 

Ingrid Stevens

Ingrid is a second year Governance student at the University College Freiburg. She looks forward to helping plan the AI track at this year’s GOP conference. She is interested in the EU's role as a global player in data privacy and internet security. Other research interests include combining data science and economics to develop policies which address wealth inequality.

Marianne Polge

Marianne is a first year student at UCF. She joined the GOP committee because she didn’t know much about the functioning of the European Union, and is interested in knowing more about it. She is particularly interested in the impact that the European Union can have abroad, and how it is able to set an example for countries around the world. Moreover, she would like to see how a conference is organized, and really likes the idea of fostering communication between experts and students. She is excited to learn about many different topics and skills in this committee.

Philip Sänger

Philip is a second year Liberal Arts and Sciences student at the University College Freiburg, majoring in Life Sciences. His current interests include philosophy and ethics in the field of technology and the life sciences. Hence, he looks forward contributing to this year’s Artificial Intelligence track. He has been part of the Global Order Project since the beginning of his studies.

Sofia Domagk

Sofia is in her first year of the Liberal Arts and Sciences program at UCF. She is interested in the role of the European Union in the world and how it can shape the future. Through GOP she hopes to gain a deeper understanding for the EU as an institution and global player. Sofia is looking forward to organizing interesting events that foster the exchange of experts and students.

Dr. Stoyan Panov

Dr. Stoyan Panov has acted as an academic supervisor and mentor of the Global Order Project since its establishment at UCF in 2015.

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